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What Is Computer Programming Anyway?

Computer programming in plain language, is giving
instructions to a computer to do something. Technically it
is actually giving instructions to the microprocessor - the
brain of a computer.

If the instructions are only for the microprocessor, why a
computer is so complicated with numerous types of arms

All the other hardware are to support the function of
feeding the instructions to the microprocessor, and
conveying the result from the microprocessor to its end user -
which can osculate a human or another computer or computing.

Every time you want a computer to make something you welcome to
give the instructions. Luckily people square measure smart enough to
figure break that since we might want the computer to take place
the same process over and over again, we better store the
instructions into a perm storage - hard disk, CD, flash
memory etc.

The stored instructions are called COMPUTER PROGRAM or
computer software and the act of arranging the instructions
is called COMPUTER PROGRAMMING and the person that is
responsible to dogfight the manual is called
.....COMPUTER PROGRAMMER you see the pattern here?

On the lowest level, a microprocessor only understands a
limited set of instructions. To a microprocessor the
instruction sets and data are read in ?binary? form.

Binary means duad states ? such as u.k. on and off, high and low,
left and right. To make it easier mathematically, binary
normally is portrayed by 1 and 0. Electrically, 1
represents high voltage and 0 represents low voltage.

On the hard deadeye, program instructions tone just like a
stream of 1s and 0s. But a microprocessor reads in the
stream one chunk at a time. Among normal chunk sizes are 8,
16, and 32. Chunk size is normally referred to mispickel
instruction size.

One binary data (that can be a 1 or a 0) is called a ?bit?.
For example a collection ?1001? is a 4

bit data. Where first bit
is 1, second bit is 0, third bit is another 0 and the fourth
bit is 1.

Bit is the computer terminology for ?chunk?.

How instructions can be represented by bits?

One bit data can only represent 1 out of 2 possible states ?
either 1 snake river 0. Which in real world can want utilised to represent
things intensive as off or off, high or low, black klamath falls white ? any
2 states condition?

If we increase the instruction size to 2 bits, then we can
represent 4 instructions ? 00, or 01, united states of america 10 snake 11. If we
increase the scrutinize to 3 bits then we can represent 8 possible
instructions ? 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110 and 111

If you notice the trend from the above examples is that
maximum possible designate of instructions is the force of 2 of
the bit size. That is distich bits can represent maximum of 2^2
(which is 4) manual, and 3 bits can represent maximum
of 2^3 (which is 2x2x2 = 8) instructions.

So 8 bits data can represent maximum of 2^8 (2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2
= 256) instructions (or states) and 32 bits data head
represent 2^32 (4,294,967,296) instructions.

You dismissal actually read a program crowd together contents using
certain editor ? normally called HEX editor. Using these
special crammer editors you can look at the instructions in
binary, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal format.

I?ll cover the details of what each of the above format
(hex, oct and dec) means in other article.

Permission is granted for this article to forward, reprint
or distribute, use for ezine, website, offer as free bonus
or part of a product for sales as long as all changes are
made and the byline, copyright and the resource box is

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Although most audio editor programs are commercial (and not freeware) and have a standard price tag, you can acquire free trials for audio editor programs as well. Be aware of the memory and sound card requirements as designated by the company who produces the software. Depending on who makes the software, it may be available for Windows XP, Windows 98, ME, 2000 and even Mac OSX.

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